What we offer

Lighting Design

Good lighting design puts light where it should be, at the right levels.
It can add drama, illuminate architechtural features, make a bland wall exciting and make the atmosphere change how a person feels about a place.

Audio visual

As lighting design, music and visual stimulate our senses. Whether it is indoors at home or in an office or outdoors in a patio o park, we can create unique scenes and atmospheres with our hi-fi system speakers.

Home automation

Home automation can help you save money and have a more efficient use of the energy by controlling your alarm system, heating and lighting from one central point.


Audio visual

Home Automation

We are expert designers, consultants and suppliers


  • Whether you are a commercial or private client, we are able to assist in designing your projects, we can specify fittings and assist in procurement of fittings.
  • Working on a project to project basis we provide design, wiring diagram, full light fitting specification and costings.
  • We specialise in surveying existing properties, reporting and recommended improvements.

  • Consult

  • Acting as qualified consultants, one or two days per month.
  • We work on projects as specified by client to help gain additional business and to add value to winning projects.
  • We can evaluate, assess and supervise as required.

  • Supply

  • We are independent and can source fittings globally for your unique project.
  • Custom fittings for bespoke projects.
  • Quality fittings, competitively priced, with warranties up to seven years dependent on supplier.